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Smart Factory

Modern manufacturing is transferring from traditional automation to a fully connected and flexible system that can self-optimize performance, self-adapt to new conditions, and autonomously run production processes or logistics. Through the application of artificial intelligence (AI) physical machines can be combined with business processes and optimization decisions. Cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) make sophisticated solutions affordable to not only big companies.

SEA offers solutions for condition-based predictive maintenance and automated material handling. While SEA’s MotorSense is a wireless sensor for online monitoring of critical rotating equipment, Scorpion is an autonomous industrial robot for transportation of loads that detects obstacles and finds the best route to the destination by itself.

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    AI Powered Motor Failure Prediction System

    • Wireless vibration and temperature sensor
    • Condition-based predictive maintenance
    • Applicable for pumps, motors, generators, turbines, compressors, gear boxes, fans and blowers
    • AI-driven software
    • Web based monitoring platform MotorSense Connect
    • Individual configuration

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    Scorpion Series AMR Autonomous Mobile Robot

    • Safe and cost effective
    • Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) sensors
    • Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology
    • Autonomous navigation in real-time
    • Applicable for pallet loading, conveyor type loading, and pick and place robot arm

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Industrial Equipment

Industrialization, globalization, digitalization, these are keywords for the last big tranformations in human life. Ecologization might be a next one. Fighting the climate change still requires much more transition from fossile and nuclear energy ressources to renewable ones such as solar power. But also continuous development of semiconductor technolgies remains a key to make technical systems smarter, more powerful, and less energy consuming.

As a company of experts for wetchemical surface treatment SEA is engaged in photovoltaic, semiconductor, PCB, and glass industries. SEA builds high-end production machines that can treat various substrates – as they are used in the mass production of solar cells, glass panels, and semiconductor devices – with chemistries for cleaning, etching or electrochemical deposition.

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    SEAbatch 600 for Manufacturing of Solar Cells

    • Ultra capacity batch equipment with highest cost performance
    • 600 wafer load and throughput up to 12.000 w/h
    • Substrate size up to M6 (166 mm2)
    • Optimized processes for texturing, cleaning, oxidation
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    SEAbatch SEMI for the Semiconductor Industry

    • Ultra capacity batch equipment with highest cost performance
    • Particles performance <30EA
    • Substrate size up to 300 mm
    • Optimized processes for cleaning, etching, stripping, oxidation, drying
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    SEAline Glass Cleaner for the Thin Film PV and Glass Industry

    • High end inline equipment for glass sizes up to GEN7
    • Particle free design
    • Various cleaning solutions like brush, bubble jet, ultra-sonic, plasma
    • Optimized processes for solar/PV-glass, LCD/FPD-glass, automotive and architectural glass, PCB – board
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    SEAline Inline Platform for Manufacturing of Solar Cells

    • 5 lane and 10 lane system with throughput up to 8.000 w/h
    • Optimized processes for texturing, single side etching, polishing, and n-type solar cells

Life Science

With research and innovation we are addressing todays’s greatest health challenges and are giving answers to future treatments.

Our team of experts together with global technology and institute partners is dedicated to exploring and developing new methodologies and improving processes for a broad range of health care challenges.

We can help in diagnosis of mental health diseases, establishing related new convergence treatment programs, or better understanding on skincare needs of modern populations. To pursue our goals we blend a broad set of disciplines such as medicine, psychology, physical and mental therapy, biology, chemistry, data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI).

No matter what solution is needed, our clients can always rely on SEA Group.

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    Mind & Body Integration

    MBI, Mind & Body Integration means pursuing harmonious growth of mind and body.

    From open analytics to artificial intelligence, how can we use data to prevent illness and improve patient care?

    Our team of medicine and physio therapists know the difficulties of those who are sick for a variety of reasons very well. With over 20 years of expertise in clinical service, our clinic center team combines differentiated exercise therapy and integrated art therapy with traditional psychotherapy. Through psychological treatment with physical and sensory treatment methods, the therapeutic effect can be maximized. We provide the only convergence treatment program in Korea to our customers right now and are working on launching those methods globally.

    The modern life in every culture of the world shows new challenges people have to face and often struggle with. We have captured these needs and are providing personalized solutions for it.

    MBI clinic center – a brand of S.E.A. Group

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    Revolutionary Skincare from Korea, for Visible Results

    We at be. believe that aging is not something that men and women need to battle, rather it is a natural process that one must embrace with pride and poise. At the same time, we support and encourage the desire to look & feel the best, always. And to realize this dream, we have created revolutionary products that delivers immediate, undeniable results.

    Not only are these products multi-action, but also bring peace to your life, by simplifying the numerous steps suggested to achieve and maintain healthy, glowing skin.

    We have based our creation on an in-depth understanding of today’s modern lifestyle and the results are inevitable.

    be.skincare – a brand of S.E.A. Group


About us

S.E.A Group

What we do:
We deliver products and solutions so you can reach your business goals in new or existing markets. We have gathered our knowledge with the traditional industries and now transfer this great asset into the technological future.

Who we are:
Our people are the heart of our business. A strong multi-national team in Asia, Europe, and America is committed to serve our customers with best expertise on all our business units. Technology experience over 20 years guides us as global group since 2008. Headquartered in South Korea, we are the trusted partner for companies across Asia and beyond.

How we work:
With an organizational structure that cuts through the complexity of the businesses we manage, we are optimally organized for both today and tomorrow as we continue implementing our strategy for growth.

Industries we serve globally:

  • Semiconductor, Glass, Photovoltaic, Electronics
  • specialized industrial applications
  • mental healthcare and devices
  • modern lifestyle and personal care


we have a 100% commitment to making all our sites the best they can possibly be, no matter what it takes to go there


our desire to provide good products runs deep – that’s what lets us handle every project with fresh energy and enthusiasm


while we share our knowledge and experience, we pay attention to understand your business and your needs


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